Media “Manhandled” in Alabama, November 28, 2017

It is NOT NORMAL for the staff of Alabama’s Republican candidate for the United States Senate to “”decided to push the cameras back and physically manhandle two Fox News photographers, pushing them away and grabbing their cameras” at a campaign rally that was open to the media. If you are not comfortable with being on camera, you should probably not run for the Senate.

Sources: CNN, Fox News


“Chuck and Nancy,” November 28, 2017

It is NOT NORMAL for the president to tweet this in advance of a meeting with the Senate and House minority leaders: “Meeting with ‘Chuck and Nancy’ today about keeping government open and working. Problem is they want illegal immigrants flooding into our Country unchecked, are weak on Crime and want to substantially RAISE Taxes. I don’t see a deal!” Not only is this an absurd caricature of their actual positions, it effectively shuts down the meeting before it begins. In fact, the leaders cancelled the meeting in response to the tweet.

Sources: the Presidential Twitter feed; Politico

Access Hollywood Tape, November 28, 2017

It is NOT NORMAL that the president has been claiming that the infamous Access Hollywood tape in which he admits to sexual assault was fabricated. Access Hollywood has now made a public statement that the tape of the president was real and unedited, and there we have another sentence I never expected to type. Similarly, it is NOT NORMAL that the president is now once again questioning whether former president Obama was born in the United States.

Update, December 4, 2017: Billy Bush has now weighed in with a New York Times editorial entitled, “Yes, Donald Trump, You Said That.”

Updated to add information about re-emergence of president’s birtherism on November 29, 2017.

Sources: Time magazine; the New York Times