This is Not Normal, July 24, 2018 – July 30, 2018

This is your weekly reminder that this is NOT NORMAL.

  • It is NOT NORMAL that the majority party Senators are balking at producing documents from the Supreme Court nominee’s previous work in a former administration. (For context, when the Solicitor General was nominated to the Supreme Court by a Democratic president, 170,000 documents related to her work in that administration were released and the then-president declined to request executive privilege for any of them.)
  • It is NOT NORMAL that a Congressional representative who is caught up in a sexual abuse scandal stemming from his time as a college wrestling coach has decided to run for Speaker of the House even though many questions about his role in the scandal remain.
  • It is NOT NORMAL that the Secretary of Education is eliminating regulations on for-profit colleges.
  • It is NOT NORMAL that a federal judges has found that there are sufficient grounds for a lawsuit against the president for profiting off the presidency to move forward.
  • It is NOT NORMAL that the administration told a federal judge that more than 450 parents who were separated from their children at the border have been deported without those children.
  • It is NOT NORMAL that the president’s former lawyer released an audiotape of the president discussing paying hush money to a Playboy model with whom he had had an affair. Also NOT NORMAL: the same former lawyer claims that the president knew in advance about a 2016 meeting between his son, his son-in-law, his campaign manager, and a Russian operative claiming to have dirt on the president’s opponent.
  • It is NOT NORMAL that the lawyer who led Dow’s legal team when it was accused of submitted misleading data and delaying cleanup of pollution and chemical dumps was nominated to lead the Superfund program at the EPA, which is in charge of cleaning up toxic waste sites.
  • It is NOT NORMAL that a congressional candidate is accusing her opponent of being unfit due to his interest in Bigfoot erotica. (The opponent denies such an interest.)
  • It is NOT NORMAL that a Russian intelligence group appears to have attempted to hack a Democratic Senator’s emails.
  • It is NOT NORMAL that transgender women who have held passports for years or even decades are now having those passports retroactively revoked with a requirement for proof of gender transition.
  • The president’s Twitter feed continues to be NOT NORMAL. To be specific, this week it was NOT NORMAL for the president to
    • declare that “Tariffs are the greatest!”;
    • tweet “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” sans context;
    • claim that Russia “will be pushing very hard for the Democrats” in the midterm elections, which is patently false;
    • complain that the FCC did not approve the Sinclair merger with Tribune;
    • tout a book about the “Rigged Witch Hunt”;
    • complain that the audiotape recording released by his former lawyer “so abruptly terminated (cut) while I was presumably saying positive things”;
    • announce plans to “look into [Twitter’s] discriminatory and illegal practice” of allegedly “SHADOW BANNING” Republicans (this was not accurate);
    • complain repeatedly the “Rigged Witch Hunt” and accuse the special counsel of having a “nasty & contentious business relationship” with him;
    • refer to the minority party as “incompetent” and call the minority leader in the Senate “Cryin’ Chuck”;
    • claim that he has the highest “Poll Numbers in the history of the Republican Party,” including Lincoln and Reagan (this is not accurate);
    • refer to the United States immigration laws as the “DUMBEST & WORST”;
    • misrepresent a meeting he had with the publisher of the New York Times in such a way as to make it sound as though the publisher agreed with his assessment that the press was the “Enemy of the People” (the publisher has released a statement refuting this);
    • say that he will “shut down” the government if the border wall is not funded; and
    • call the press “Fake News” and “unpatriotic.”