This Is Not Normal, October 8, 2018 – October 14, 2018

This is your weekly reminder that this is NOT NORMAL.

  • It is NOT NORMAL that a candidate for governor of Pennsylvania threatened to “stomp all over” the current governor’s face with “golf spikes.”
  • It is NOT NORMAL that the president’s son-in-law and senior adviser, who has a net worth of almost $324 million, has paid very little in income tax for the past several years and in fact received a $4,000 refund in 2015.
  • It is NOT NORMAL that the secretary of the interior has routinely omitted meetings with lobbyists and executives from his official calendar, going all the way back to his first day in office.
  • It is NOT NORMAL that the president’s campaign has offered its database of supporters’ email addresses and cellphone numbers for rent to other candidates, political action groups, and businesses.
  • It is NOT NORMAL that the Georgia Secretary of State–who just happens to be running for governor–has delayed more than 53,000 voter registration applications from being processed; since 2012, the Georgia Secretary of State has cancelled more than a million registrations.
  • It is NOT NORMAL for the president to encourage crowds at his rallies to chant “Lock her up!” (regarding not only his former presidential opponent but also a leading member of the Senate) and then lament the lack of due process in Supreme Court hearings (where due process does not actually apply) and accuse the opposing party of being an “angry left-wing mob.”
  • On that note, it is also NOT NORMAL for a former attorney general to say, “when they go low, we kick them“; I don’t think he’s literally advocating violence but that is just not a responsible thing to say in the current political climate.
  • It is NOT NORMAL for the president to author an op-ed for USA Today that is filled with lies and inaccuracies.
  • It is NOT NORMAL for the Secretary of Commerce to reverse his previous story about why he added a citizenship question to the 2020 census, now claiming that he remembers discussing it with a controversial former adviser to the president. If the new story is true, this means that the secretary lied to Congress earlier this year.
  • It is NOT NORMAL for the president to claim that a Medicare-for-All health care plan would turn the country into Venezuela.
  • I am not going to recap Kanye West’s visit to the White House, but it was really NOT NORMAL.
  • It is NOT NORMAL for the extremely wealthy and privileged First Lady to claim that she is “the most bullied person in the world.” I try not to pick on the first family, but seriously. A scintilla of self-awareness is all I’m asking for here.
  • The president’s Twitter feed continues to be NOT NORMAL (although, to be fair, it was not the usual hellscape this week). To be specific, this week it was NOT NORMAL for the president to
    • accuse the women who were protesting the Supreme Court nomination and ultimate swearing-in of being “screamers” and paid protesters;
    • claim that “everyone wants Ivanka Trump to be the new United Nations Ambassador” (I assure you this is not true) and that “She would be incredible but I can already hear the chants of Nepotism!”; and
    • tout a Fox News correspondent’s book.