This Is Not Normal, December 24, 2018 – December 30, 2018

This is your weekly reminder that this is NOT NORMAL.

  • It is NOT NORMAL that a second child died in custody at the border. Again, it is not illegal to seek asylum, and even if it had been illegal, once you take a child into custody for the actions of his parent you have a moral and ethical responsibility to care for that child in a way that does not shock the human conscience. (And if this doesn’t shock your conscience, you need to take a good long look in the mirror.)
  • It is NOT NORMAL that the president told reporters on Christmas Day that “many of those workers have . . . communicated, stay out until you get the funding for the wall. These federal workers want the wall” (this seems to be entirely invented, as it is not clear how multiple furloughed workers would be able to communicate with the president of the United States). It is also NOT NORMAL that the president’s Christmas greeting to the nation was, apparently, “It’s a disgrace what’s happening in this country. But, other than that, I wish everybody a Merry Christmas.”
  • It is NOT NORMAL that the president is openly musing about firing the chairman of the Federal Reserve (which most observers believe he does not have the authority to do) because the stock market is down. If the president wants to improve the stock market, a good first step would be to stop issuing ominous tweets about the Federal Reserve, and a good second step would be to end the trade war silliness.
  • It is NOT NORMAL that the secretary of the treasury decided to convene an emergency call to bank executives to make sure that the markets were working properly. (If this was supposed to reassure people, it had the opposite effect.)
  • It is NOT NORMAL that the North Carolina GOP wants the House of Representatives to seat a putative congressman-elect from North Carolina’s ninth district despite the fact that the state board of elections refused to certify the results from that district and there are very credible reports of blatant election fraud on the part of one of his advisers.
  • The president’s Twitter feed continues to be a national disgrace. To be specific, this week it was NOT NORMAL for the president to
    • fulminate repeatedly about the freaking wall that Mexico was supposed to pay for but now, somehow, has become the responsibility of the American taxpayer and such an important priority that he will shut down government over it (there’s not going to be a wall, and there’s probably not even going to be artistically designed slats, and also everything he tweeted about DACA was nonsense);
    • complain about “Presidential Harassment” (get back to me when he’s spent eight years being accused of being born in Kenya);
    • complain about our allies taking advantage of us;
    • tweet, sans context, “AMERICA IS RESPECTED AGAIN!” (um, no);
    • call the envoy to the global coalition against ISIS “the Obama appointee who was responsible for loading up airplanes with 1.8 Billion Dollars in CASH & sending it to Iran as part of the horrific Iran Nuclear Deal (now terminated) approved by Little Bob Corker” (I am used to elderly relatives who don’t check Snopes before they repost silliness, but honestly it should not be too much to ask of the President);
    • claim that the Fed doesn’t have a “feel for the Market, they don’t understand necessary Trade Wars or Strong Dollars or even Democrat Shutdowns over Borders” (so much wrong here, but I’m just going to point out that, what, three weeks ago the president said he was proud to take credit for the impending shutdown)’
    • tweet on Christmas Eve that “I am all alone (poor me) in the White House waiting for the Democrats to come back and make a deal” (that is a legitimately weird thing to tweet);
    • claim, also on Christmas Eve, that he “just gave out a 115 mile long contract for another large section of the Wall in Texas” (the president can’t arbitrarily award contracts like that, so if true it’s probably illegal, but let’s face it, it’s probably not true);
    • tweet, on Christmas Day, “I hope everyone, even the Fake News Media, is having a great Christmas!” (he came SO CLOSE to having an normal social media day on Twitter and I honestly was rooting for him);
    • threaten to close the southern border of the United States if he doesn’t get the money for the wall (this would destroy many small businesses, so I really doubt he would follow through);
    • tweet, yet again, about the text messages between the two FBI agents, who have certainly paid many times over for their affair; and
    • claim, in what I believe is his absolute nadir, that “Any deaths of children or others at the Border are strictly the fault of the Democrats and their pathetic immigration policies that allow people to make the long trek thinking they can enter our country illegally” (he also blamed the father of one of the children–at long last, has he left no sense of decency?).
  • Appearances of “Witch Hunt,” “Angry Democrats,” and “Fake News Media,” but no “Crooked Hillary!”
  • And you know what, good for the president for visiting the troops on Christmas. Even though the trip did not go by without some missteps, this is something he clearly dreaded doing and he did manage to make himself do it.