Hawaii Ballistic Missile False Alarm, January 13, 2018

It is NOT NORMAL that the entire state of Hawaii was erroneously notified that a ballistic missile was headed their way. It is further NOT NORMAL, and equally concerning, that the president did not interrupt his golf game to provide the people of that state with any reassurances and in fact, had still failed to address concerns about the incident but had managed to tweet about “Fake News” several times. Look, I don’t care how much the president plays golf,  but I don’t think it’s asking too much that he pause his game to deal with an unfolding situation. And I don’t think his lackluster response to this situation sends a good signal to Kim Jong Un or any other world leaders about how the United States might handle a real crisis. (I am also baffled by the White House statement that the mistaken alert was a “state exercise,” when the state itself is saying it was just an accident, and I would really like someone to clear that up.)

Source: the Washington Post.