Trent Franks Resigns, December 7, 2017

It is NOT NORMAL for a member of Congress to ask his female staff members to be a surrogate for his child. He offered one staff member five million dollars to carry his child and left some with the impression that he wanted to wanted to impregnate them via intercourse rather than via in-vitro fertilization. I . . . am at a loss for words.

Updated with the additional details of the payment and the method, December 8, 2017.

Source: The Hill, Politico, the Associated Press.

Access Hollywood Tape, November 28, 2017

It is NOT NORMAL that the president has been claiming that the infamous Access Hollywood tape in which he admits to sexual assault was fabricated. Access Hollywood has now made a public statement that the tape of the president was real and unedited, and there we have another sentence I never expected to type. Similarly, it is NOT NORMAL that the president is now once again questioning whether former president Obama was born in the United States.

Update, December 4, 2017: Billy Bush has now weighed in with a New York Times editorial entitled, “Yes, Donald Trump, You Said That.”

Updated to add information about re-emergence of president’s birtherism on November 29, 2017.

Sources: Time magazine; the New York Times